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Special Report ATA2008


AMS Bowfishing product lineup


John Dummer, Rinehart Sales Director

Rinehart Target testing on the range

Kelly Branch, Spyderweb  Sales and Marketing director.


Genuinely interesting Dept.


AMS Bowfishing

AMS needs no introduction; if you have ever heard about bowfishing you know them.

The most interesting (to crossbows enthusiast) news is that they teamed up with TenPoint Crossbows Technology and now TenPoint offers a bowfishing rig specific for crossbows. AMS also offers a complete line of gear for vertical bows including the acclaimed Retriever Pro reel, arrows, points, floats and complete kits including bow.






Rinehart is another company that needs no introduction; their targets are widely known by enthusiasts and pros alike. I had a quick chance to test one of their 18-1 cube targets on the shooting line with a Darton Lighthing crossbows (over 350 FPS) and it stopped the arrow with a broadhead without a glitch

Consider that the target was just a few feet away so it had to take LOTS of energy. For 2008 Rinehart introduced some new shapes in their 3D setup such as the Tom Turkey, Bowhunter Buck , Bowhunter Doe and the (very fun) Mosquito.





Spyderweb targets are one of the products that you have to see to believe. I was, at first, attracted at first by the demo they were giving:  they shoot the arrow into the Spyderweb target and asked to pull it with 1 finger … I grabbed wit full hand and was prepared to pull heavily, I almost fell backwards. I asked for another shot: yes you can pull the arrow wit one finger. The secret is the Spyvlar web facing (sort of synthetic mesh) that brakes the arrow as it passes trough before entering the target body positioned a few inches back. Impressive.

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