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About us


Dear reader
A few words about us.

Crossbow-Review is a web site entirely dedicated and committed to reviewing and testing crossbows and related equipment. We believe time has come for crossbow shooters to have dedicated site, an information source they can trust.

As I approached this sport a few years ago I immediately noticed the lack of a dedicated web site , sure you could find lots of info's on manufacturers web site, you could find many sections on bowhunting web sites , you could find also lots of info's on forums or you could Google around . Situation has not changed that much over the years as few dedicated sites appeared but I was satisfied with none. I was still looking for something more... the ultimate crossbow web site. I then took the decision to do it myself , and here we are... Crossbow-Review is now opening. What will you find here? We want to be "your independent source of information" so we want to bring you unbiased product testing and field reports, product news , interviews with manufacturers, technical articles , links to other sources of info.

We would like to hear your voice, this web site is a service to our readers so it has to be useful to you , DO NOT be afraid to let your voice be heard.

I look forward to hear from you soon.

Mirko Valagussi
Editor crossbow-review.com


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