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ATA SHOW 2009 report PARKER


In the past I had the idea that Parker was a somewhat conservative manufacturer as they did not introduce many new products in past years and even when they did it was an evolution of previous concepts. Las year Parker introduced the Cyclone : a radically new crossbow incorporating many state of the art technologies. It was not clear to me that that was the first step toward taking the world by storm. This year they had some 8 new models on display and a completely new line of accessories. Let’s start with the Tornado as this is the model that excited me most. It may be considered the Cyclone/Hurricane  little brother as it uses a similar design and features: for example the reversed cams to gain some power stroke while containing the overall length. At 165 Lbs  it is slightly less powerful than the Cyclone but since it is shorter and thanks to its concentrated masses design it is considerably better  to handle … to me this is a crossbow to watch closely and consider seriously: it is fast enough at 330 FPS, not too heavy  (7.2LBS) , sweet to handle ,  and moderately priced. Two words: A Winner.

On the opposite of the spectrum Parker was showing the Spartan : a no frills approach to crossbow. The Spartan may appeal to archers new to the sport or on a budget at $399 (in bare bow configuration)  it is the entry level ticket to the sport. While basic in the finish the Spartan features 150 Lbs draw weigh for a solid 285 Fps arrow speed. Again I was impressed by the handling: the stock features a nice dimensioning the trigger pull is just perfect (at least for me at 6’) and balance, thanks to a front riser and limb assembly not so heavy, it is very nice considering the $399 price tag.

Parker has also three new recurves models: the Cyclone Extreme Recurve(220 lbs), Terminator Recurve (220 Lbs) and Buck Buster Recurve(190 lbs) that are the recurves version of the similar named compounds (same stock) . There is also a Pink Camo version of the stinger named …well Stinger Pink with a 150 Lbs draw weight is dedicated to female shooters.

Last but not least Parker refined the Cyclone , now Cyclone Extreme that at 175 Lbs and 350+ FPS is represent the flagship model, sharing the same foundation and features is the Hurricane Extreme , only difference being a fixed stock and $50 less.

Las but not least a new accessory line named RedHot. This new “performance” line features a complete set of replacement cables and strings not just for Parker crossbow but for most of crossbows in the market (past and present) . There are also: Wax and lube kit, Crosspro 100FX Broadheads, special arrow inserts and nocks, High velocity carbon arrows, two scopes, a red dot,and scope rings.

 A Hot Shot kit is also part of the accessory line, this special kit contains Arrows, Field points, Broadheads rope cocking device and wax&lube.

Just a couple of notes as we possibly will soon come back on these:

Arrows: Parker is now proposing in the Red Hot line a specially designed CarbonExpress arrow , these have the weight forward technology and a TuffBluff hard finish (in custom color to match the rest of the Red Hot product line) but are extra strong. In order to make the arrow stronger Parker cut it shorter, the missing length is provided by a special (longer) insert and nock. The arrows also use the new Fusion Dura Vane.

Optics: Parker now offers two scopes, a 4x32 multi reticle and a 4x32 Illuminated reticle, both are supplied with a terrific ballistic software that taking your exact bow arrow setup data will print out arrow drop and provide a printout label with the correct match for distance-drop for your reticle.



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