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Barnett Wildcat C5 Crossbow review

By Mirko & Walter Valagussi  October2009


Latest evolution trigger pull

GAM molded stock may optionally accommodate crack coking device



Limbs thickening to accommodate veloci speed wheel pins




The Barnett Wildcat C5 inherits some features from the other members of the Barnett compound crossbows family:

The stock has its own design but it is molded using the Gas Assisted Molding process therefore it is hollow for lightness while maintaining strength. The GAM process also compacts the material in order to expose a very smooth flight deck surface to provide optimal string travel and low serving wear. Barnett recommends lubricating the rail every 5-10 shots with the supplied lubricant.

The trigger also shares the design with the rest of the family but on this shorter power stroke model the activation is set one pound higher that the rest at 4 pounds.

The Wildcat is available decorated (dipped) in Next G1 camo developed by Next Camo (http://www.nextcamouflage.com) that proved to be both effective an very nice looking (I really would have liked to see the Predator in this camo!!!)

The Stock design is quite intriguing and it may accommodate (optional) a crank cocking device. This is welcome bonus to disabled hunters as well as to shooters that need to cock the crossbow many times during long sessions. The crack cocking device can be bought and fitted after purchase and it can be set up with a minimum of skill.

Multi laminate limbs provide the 150 pounds propelling force to the Wildcat C5 the limbs are finished in black without the AVi over mold in order to maintain a very affordable price point.

Cams (actually eccentric wheels) are mounted on the quad limbs with brass self lubrication bushings for trouble free operation.

The foot stirrup is rubber covered in order to prevent slipping on hard surfaces and cut down vibrations.




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Manufacturer's data:

Barnett Outdoors LLC

Model: Wildcat C5

Draw weight 150 Lbs

Power Stroke 13"

Weight 5.9 pounds

Camo version with red dot or 4x32 scope quiver and four arrows US $ 324.99

(price as of today 20/10/2009 found on   http://www.crossbowwarehouse.com/ )


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