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Fenix Light TK10 Flashlight Review


Small but powerful

Constant output until complete discharge**

1) Focused beam from a AA flashlight

2) 60 Lumns in normal mode

3) 225 Lumens in Turbo mode: awesome!

A very nice flashlight


Usage and performance


The Fenix light TK10 is powered by two CR123 batteries and with a single led can output light at 225 Lumens.


LED have several advantages over incandescent bulb as they provide longer life and their light emission is constant until drop-off near the exhaustion of the battery (see side graph). The TK10 uses a Cree Premium (Q5) 7090 XR-E LED with lifespan of 50,000 hours and has two modes of operation (selectable via front bezel rotation) :

Turbo Mode: Constant 225 Lumens, 1.5 hours 
General Mode: Constant 60 Lumens, 10 hours

The LED has also the advantage of producing a whiter light compared to incandescent bulb, therefore colors of illuminated objects appear “truer”. But let’s move on to performance: that was the reason I bought this flashlight in first place !

Having used my trusty old AA pocket for many years I was accustomed to its illumination, the very first time I went out at night with the Fenix TK10 I was not prepared…

I just turned on my old one, focused down the beam to spot , illuminated target some 20 yards out and took some pictures. Then I switched on the TK 10 …. Woah ! now the sun is shining… the power of this small beast is impressive… then I turned the bezel in turbo mode and…  WOW now I need sunglasses !

Just do not take my words for it… look at the pictures: the first picture is from my old flashlight (I will not cite the brand, but it is quite well known) with 2AA batteries freshly recharged (Energizer 2500mA , some of the best around) the flashlight is focused to have a spot beam an pointed at target. Picture 2 and 3 are taken with the very same exposure (camera set to Manual mode*). First and most important ( to me) is that even in low power the Fenix TK10 has a flood beam that is much brighter that the spot of my old one. In turbo mod the amount of light is simply unbelievable considering it comes out of a single LED and that you can have such brightness for 1.5 hours.

* Although this is not a scientific measurement the tree pictures can give you an idea of what the relative difference in brightness is. Pictures taken with Nikon D200 set to manual (M) at ISO 200 f/4.2 2.5sec for all three exposures


You can also notice that the light beam of the Fenix TK 10 has a very bright center spot and a larger but softer flood area all in the same beam , that is really useful to illuminate the area around the spot you are aiming at.

On the handling side I like the anti roll design that also gives the flashlight a tactical look, the TK 10 is also quite small and light to carry, maybe not small enough to be a pocket light but here the enclosed pouch comes handy. The main switch is conveniently recessed on the tail cap, enough to prevent accidental or unwanted activation. The TK 10 is well built and engineered: the body is sealed via two O rings with replacement ones supplied in the package, rating the Flashlight at waterproof  IPX8; the knurling on the main body has a good grip while not being hard on bare hands. Front bezel and tail cap threads are also well machined without burrs. The normal mode-turbo mode activation via front bezel rotation is functional and easy to operate. Battery life at 10 hours in Normal mode or 1.5 hours in Turbo mode is aligned with performance. The black anodized finish proved to be durable and scratch resistant.

The flashlight is available in anodized Black or Olive, we have no MSRP but you can find it at just below $75 from online stores.



This Fenix TK10 flashlight is a terrific product, its brightness is outstanding and definitely it is an item that should not be missing from your hunting backpack.

 I think I am going to buy another one to carry in my office bag…



Manufacturer data:

Fenix Light TK 10 Flashlight

LED Flashlight , 225 Lumens , waterproof IPX8


    ** image courtesy of Fenix Light, used with permission  
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