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TenPoint Stealth X2


Flight track microfinish and camo finish

Attention to detail

Foot stirrup detail



Quality of the product ranges from very good to outstanding, every single metal piece is nicely finished (anodized, chromed, painted) and there are no visible tool marks indicating close attention to details. Camo finish on the stock is also very well done as it shows no deformations or stretches around the curved shapes of stock and fore grip.


There is just a remark that is more related to design than quality:

The foot stirrup is a single piece of bent aluminum wire with hexagonal section. It does look cheap and indeed it is when purchased as a replacement, at first I would have preferred a machined piece like Horton's or Excalibur's but it cheapness is also a feature: in case you drop your crossbow it would probably collapse absorbing most of the shock (thus saving your bow) and being thin it does not add as much weight as a machined one.








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