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TenPoint Stealth X2


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I tested the Stealth X2 with several types of arrows and point weights and below you will see some results, the Stealth X2 is very well designed and tuned as it offer very low vibration levels and noise, at least compared to other crossbows. It seems that the arrow impacting at 30 yards into foam produces more noise than the bow itself.

There is just some "twing" sound from the arrow retaining spring but that is much reduced if you use the (optional on this model at time of purchase) wedgie retention spring dampener.

As you can see arrow speeds are very consistent as the groups are:

at 30 yards I can consistently shoot three arrow in one inch circle.

Doing these tests I had two Robin Hood (shouldn’t we call it William Tell?) and that was shooting standing still without rest!


The Stealth X2 is a very good and consistent performer!


Arrow Speed FPS Arrow+point weight Grains
318 394
311 419
306 430
298 455


 Velocities are averaged from 5 shots each


Arrow + point type

Beman Thunderbolt 20" + 100grs points
Beman Thunderbolt 20" + 125grs points
CarbonExpress CX Crossbolt 20" +100grs  field point
CarbonExpress CX Crossbolt 20" +125grs  field point



Noise Level :

We measured (at 1m) from 89.5 to 90.6 db







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